About Kmoon Vendor Members

Why become a kmoon vendor?

Kmoon vendors are the privileged businesses that provide quality products and services to the esteemed Kmoon members. Kmoon membership opens members up to local discounts, deals, and premium support that lets them get the best value for their money.

Winking in the darkness is when a business with quality products and services, engage the marketing strategies they know, including giving discounts and rebates, yet potential customers are not able to find them. But what if you could be different? What if you could be in a vantage position where all your potential customers are situated, waiting for you to show up? Do not let your potential customers go with your competitors!
We have ready buyers (Kmoon Members) who are waiting for you to show up. Let us help you reach out to them. contact us.

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Key Benefits:

Direct Exposure

Once registered on KMOON.CA, a local associate will run a targeted campaign for promoting your business and services. Furthermore, unlike traditional forms of advertising, we leverage the internet and social media to attract and focus on your local potential customers.


Kmoon Vendors experience new tasks, unlimited opportunities, and also encounter new people and businesses, hence growing in exposure. They reap the marketing privileges of Kmoon and will, consequently, establish a professional profile and prominence.


Offering goods and services to customers or prospects greatly expand business horizon. It helps to understand the nitty-gritty of daily dealings. This inarguably puts one in a unique position to handle things better in the future, and consequently, means your current and future business dealings will never be the same again in a positive sense!


Customers will trust you more if you sell services to them in a way that shows you understand their needs. This is why social interactions come as a benefit of being a vendor member. Besides selling your services directly to consumers, you will be able to establish yourself through such encounters. Your current sales will have a high chance of earning you a following and your future sales will, consequently, have greater chances of increasing.