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Though it falls under the realm of employment, KMG offers what's better presented as a 'Lucrative Business Opportunity'.

Once you join the team, you have the power to generate income from the convenience of your home or at the busiest plaza in Toronto or London, ON. In simple words, we are a marketing company, entrusted with brand-name products and services. Due to our sales skills, we have negotiated generous payouts and are constantly acquiring new clients to increase your chances of generating revenue.
At any given moment, we have approximately 10-12 products which you can sell, almost anyywhere in the world. Some products like telecom services are usually limited to specific cities or provinces. However, we have recently acquired 2 clients who provide services globally.
As a KMG Business Consultant, while representing the group, you are expected to adhere to a conduct and dress code suitable to the level of clientele we deal with. We understand that getting to know the business and for us to get to know you, it can be a lengthy process. Therefore, we do not waste time in multiple interviews to determine who's right for the team.

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Services Overview

Personal & Professional Growth

With entrepreneurs, business is a part of personal life and at KMG, we understand that connection and work with the team to excel at both levels.

Telecom Experience

Having Rogers as a long-time client made us experts in the telecom industry, which in turn opens the door for you to gain such expertise.

Online Marketing Training

In 2015, having less than proficiency in the online world is simply unacceptable. Therefore, we have continuous training at KMG to stay up-to-date.

Mentorship & Networking

With new teachings, classic methods can be overlooked. With mentoring, knowledge is shared in a way that's beneficial to both participants.